Plumbing in Beenleigh, Eden’s Landing and Bethania

Plumbing in Beenleigh, Eden’s Landing and Bethania

Don’t ‘Do It Yourself’ – Contact the Professionals

With plumbing, it is important to remember that unless you are a licensed professional, there are no simple fixes. More often than not, DIY plumbing solutions are just a short-term delay to fixing the problem, and while it may seem like a way to save money initially, it will be a costly decision in the long run.

D.I.Y Plumbing Can Be More Expensive

The decision to forgo a licensed plumbing in Beenleigh, Eden’s Landing, and Bethania is one that will have expensive long-term consequences:

  • Further repair costs are inevitable. Logan Plumbing Services guarantee long lifespans for your pipes with our licensed plumbing in Beenleigh, Eden’s Landing and Bethania.
  • Unlicensed plumbers do not have insurance and are therefore not covered for any accidents, injury or damages caused while carrying out work, meaning you will likely have to foot the bill.
  • If there’s evidence of illegal plumbing work, your insurance will be ineffective if serious damages arise from your DIY project.
  • Queensland penalties include fines of up to $100,000 for illegal DIY plumbing work, and $200,000 if in cases causing multiple deaths.


Benefits of Hiring a Licensed Plumber

Duct tape DOES NOT fix everything, especially any cracked or loose pipes. But don’t be fooled by the array of cheap, quick fix plumbing equipment in the hardware shop either.

Although you don’t need to be licenced to buy them, you need to be licenced to install most of them. If the task you’re tackling is more complex than changing a tap washer, you will need to hire the relevant licensed plumber in Beenleigh, Eden’s Landing and Bethania.

Licensed plumbers are beneficial as they can:

  • Work safely with jobs in close proximity to electrical wires.
  • The training a licensed plumber undergoes ensures that they are up-to-date and current with their processes and applications. An unlicensed plumber or handyman may be using outdated methods, which can lead to costly mistakes.
  • Licensed plumbers have their own health insurance.
  • Must comply with all current laws, regulations and safety measures


Legalities of DIY plumbing

The Queensland government and the State’s Plumbing Industry Council, spells out the fairly limited plumbing a householder can legally do around the home:

  • Replacing a jumper valve or washer in a tap;
  • Changing a shower head;
  • Replacing, in a water closet (WC) cistern, a drop valve washer, float valve washer or suction cup rubber;
  • Installing or maintaining a lawn watering system downstream from an isolating valve, tap or backflow prevention device;
  • Cleaning or maintaining ground level grates to traps on sanitary drains.

These fairly basic fixes should not be placed in the same category as licensed plumbing in Beenleigh, Eden’s Landing and Bethania, including tap, toilet, sewer, and stormwater repairs, burst pipes and blocked drains, hot water system installation, backflow testing and thermostatic mixing valve testing, all which need the attention of a professional to ensure quality and safety.


Common D.I.Y plumbing gone wrong

Things that seem easy to replace or fix are usually the most common problems in DIY plumbing. It all comes back to those simple fix myths.

The common things that go wrong include:

  • Plunging clogged sinks a few times, or dumping some chemicals down the drain
  • Mismatching pipes with the wrong fit or purpose
  • Improper installation including inappropriate tools, unleveled surfaces, and loose bolts and screws.


Logan Plumbing Services guarantee quality, safety, and value for money with our licensed plumbing in Beenleigh, Eden’s Landing and Bethania. Contact us today on [email protected] or phone (07) 3208 4166.

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