Electric Hot Water Logan

Electric Hot Water Systems Plumbing Logan

Logan Plumbing Service specialise in the installation and repair of ALL hot water systems.

We provide maintenance and advice for your electric hot water systems plumbing in Logan. When your system has failed you, or is just generalling leaking, be sure to give us a call.

For new installations, our professional staff will advise you on the correct hot water system to suit your family’s needs and budget.

All our hot water system installations are installed within the installation guidelines for hot water systems for both Australian standards and the manufacturers. With this service, it makes sure that your electric hot water systems plumbing in Logan will be under warranty, if anything fails throughout the warranty period.

The Electric hot water unit is the most common hot water system on the market,
using an electrical heating element to heat the hot water system.
We fitted all brands of unit, but our most common is The Rheem Plus.

With new Australian standards and guidelines for ALL hot water installations and the mandatory installation of the tempering device to all electric hot water systems plumbing in Logan.

We find the Rheem Plus units stand out from the rest, with its slick design and inbuilt Tempering Device, keeping the installation of the unit clean.

Hot Water Temperatures

The Australian Standard for hot water systems, AS/NZS 3500 requires water to be delivered to sanitary fixtures at temperatures that will minimise the risk of scalding, as follows—

“All new heated water installations shall, at the outlet of all sanitary fixtures used primarily for personal hygiene purposes, deliver heated water not exceeding—

  • 45 degrees Celsius for early childhood centres, primary and secondary schools and nursing homes or similar facilities for young, aged, sick or people with disabilities; and
  • 50 degrees Celsius in all other buildings.”


There are new standards your licenced plumber must follow for new electric hot water systems installation in Logan. Please be aware of the following: Your hot water system must have a tempering device on the unit and you also must receive on completion a Plumbing Industry Council Form 4.

These 2 requirements are for the safety of the consumer to ensure the electric hot water systems in Logan unit is installed by a licenced plumber. Please do not be tempted on buying a unit from the local hardware shop and installing it yourself.