Gas Hot Water Logan

Gas Hot Water Systems Logan

There are 2 main types of Gas Hot Water Unit for your home or work place:
Continuous Flow Hot Water Unit and Storage Gas Hot Water Unit.

Continuous Flow Hot Water Unit

Hot water that never runs out. Gas water heaters have a continuous flow of hot water as the water is heated as needed and therefore a storage tank is not required. This equates to better efficiency and lower cost. These units are small in design, but big on hot water delivery.

A Continuous Flow Hot Water Unit by gas hot water systems from Logan will supply your home with unlimited and consistent hot water on demand.

These gas hot water systems let you set the water temperature, according to your preference, through remote temperature controls. Their compact size and style ensures they can be conveniently located inside your bathroom for easy access.

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Storage Gas Hot Water Unit

If you are required to heat a large amount of water at once, you can rely on the gas hot water systems in Logan as it can reheat 200 litres an hour, allowing you to use plenty of water consecutively.

These gas hot water systems from Logan can heat and reheat 90 to 170 litres of water to utilise for home or commercial purposes. With this Gas Storage model, you can store hot water faster, right where you need it.

To simplify the work of a gas storage hot water unit, a main gas burner is at the base of the unit, which heats the stored water inside the tank.