Logan Plumbing Service: the experts in Hot Water Systems Logan

Logan Plumbing Service: the experts in Hot Water Systems Logan

Don’t brave the cold. Turn up the heat with Logan Plumbing Service, specialising in quick repairs, upgrades and installation of hot water systems, at a competitive price.

When a hot water system malfunctions, whether it be with a sudden bang or a fizzle, the hassle of finding an experienced and cost effective plumber and deciding on the most suitable hot water system becomes almost more frustrating than the broken system itself.

With winter just around the corner, there’s never been a better time to prepare yourself in the off chance that your Hot Water System does malfunction. At Logan Plumbing Service, we specialise in exactly that. Whether it’s faulty equipment, pipe leaks or broken valves, we can install and repair all hot water systems in Logan. So, if you encounter a hot water crisis and need immediate attention, give us a call and we’ll have it sorted within 24 hours!

At Logan Plumbing Service, we offer premium brands and products to ensure our customers receive service of the highest quality. Among these are our three types of hot water systems: Electric, Gas and Heat Pump.

So, in an age of advanced technology, global brands and endless options, how do you decide which hot water system is the best choice for your home and bank account?

While we install and work with all brands, in our expert opinion there is one that stands out from the rest – Rheem. As Rheem accredited installers we appreciate the high quality products and parts, and would never recommend a brand we wouldn’t use ourselves. So if you are after a cost-effective, durable and premium brand, Rheem is the choice for you!

While all of our hot water systems boast an array of benefits and advantages, each type has unique features making it more suitable for a particular lifestyle or environment.


ElectricHot Water Systems

The Electric hot water unit is the most common hot water system on the Australian market.

Why, you may ask?

Electricity is used to heat either storage or continuous flow water heaters, which means the hot water is ready and waiting for you as soon as you need it. As such, the major advantage of choosing electric hot water is its reliability, and in winter there’s nothing you want more than the reassurance of waking up to a hot shower in the morning. Not only that, you are also guaranteed full pressure from all of your taps at the one time- whether it’s your shower, washing machine, dishwasher, bath or basin.

So, what kind of household is this hot water system best suited to?

This particular unit is ideal for large families or early risers who want instant hot water, and is suited to any season, working effectively and consistently from summer right through to winter.

Cost effective? While electric water systems are one of the more expensive systems to run due to the unique features, they are also generally the easiest and cheapest option to install.

Gas Hot Water Systems

Much like an electric unit, gas is also used to heat either storage or continuous flow water heaters.

While gas hot water units offer an array of advantages, among the most beneficial is the cost and its environmentally friendly and sustainable features. As the hot water is heated using gas, there are few emissions produced which results in less pollution. Likewise, gas hot water is energy efficient, meaning the gas burns hot and fast, with little heat wasted.

So, who is this hot water system ideal for?

While gas is suitable to almost all lifestyles and weather conditions. It can be the ideal solution for smaller properties as the storage tanks can fit in tighter, more confined areas.

Heat Pumps

A heat pump delivers hot water by utilizing renewable energy, transferring the heat in the outside air to the water stored inside the heater through an exchange system.

A heat pump works in a similar fashion to solar panels, in that it is environmentally friendly and uses a free source of energy. Among the many benefits of a heat pump is the massive savings long term.  There is no doubting that one of the biggest benefits of a heat pump is that they use considerably less electricity than conventional electric water heaters and have lower installation costs – essentially, they are among the cheapest options available. This type of water heater system also boasts efficiency, using around 70 per cent less electricity than other electric water heaters.

So, who will benefit from a heat pump hot water system?

Heat pumps are most efficient in hot and humid conditions, making this an ideal system for our hot Australian summers and moderate temperature year round. The reason for this being that in order for them to work, there needs to be a difference in temperature between the water in the unit and the actual climate. However, they will still function normally and produce hot water for winter nights in Brisbane, which are considerably warmer when compared to other Australian regions.

Depending on your lifestyle and the specific features you are after, Logan Plumbing Service offers an array hot water systems in Logan, ideal for every lifestyle and family- whether it be an electric choice for a larger family, gas for a smaller family or a heat pump for an environmentally conscious family.

At Logan Plumbing Service, our experience and dedication speaks for itself, to find out more about our hot water systems in Logan, give us a call today on: 3208 4166.

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